Metrics, Engagement, and Personalization at Spotify


  • Optimization metrics quantify how users engage within a session and act as proxy of satisfaction
    • save
    • long click
    • post
    • follow
    • click to stream
    • impression to click
    • dwell time
    • percentage completion
  • Why several metrics
    • Different part/ type of content needs different metrics
    • Different user phases need different metrics
    • Different structure of the site and content need different engagement metrics
  • Understanding intents
  • Optimizing for the right metric
  • Acting on segmentation
    • Genre diversity
    • Landing page quality
  • Thinking about diversity
    • Satisfaction
    • Popularity
  • Intra-session engagement
    • During the session
    • Easily mislead, especially for a short time
  • Inter-session management
    • Across sessions
  • We optimize (and monitor) intra-session metrics but those that move the inter-session metrics


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