Evaluating Recommender Systems in Tourism - A Case Study from Austria


  • Web-usage mining
  • Focus on efficiency, effectiveness, actionable marketing intelligence
    • Efficiency
      • Measured by customer satisfaction usability
      • Mining by using click-stream sequence analysis
    • Effectiveness
      • Measured by click-through-rate, conversion rate, and customer retention
      • Mining by contingency analysis
    • Marketing Intelligence
      • Measred by identified customer segments, opportunities for product development
      • Mining by correspondence analysis


M. Zanker, M. Fuchs, W. Höpken, M. Tuta, and N. Müller, “Evaluating Recommender Systems in Tourism — A Case Study from Austria,” in Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2008, P. O’Connor, W. Höpken, and U. Gretzel, Eds. Vienna: Springer Vienna, 2008, pp. 24–34. doi: 10.1007/978-3-211-77280-5_3.

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