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[[Book - Zapp - The lightning of empowerment]]
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My review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5) Amazon: Book

This is the first book I've read as a manager, which recommended by my first best manager ever!.

The book tell a story about a company where employee has low engagement and burn out. One day, there is a phenomenon happen with the main character, Zapp!! it spark!!.


  • Five steps to Zapp!!
    1. Maintain or enhance self-esteem
    2. Listen and respond with empathy
    3. Share thoughts, feelings, and rationale
    4. Ask for help an encourage involvement
    5. Provide support without removing responsibility for action
  • Manager's responsibility
    • Know what is going on
    • Set the direction for the department
    • Make the decisions the team can't
    • Ensure that people are on course
    • Offer a guiding hand; open doors to clear the way
    • Assess performance
    • Be a smart manager
  • Coaching steps
    1. Explain purpose and importance of what you are trying to teach
    2. Explain the process to be used
    3. Show how it's done
    4. Observe while the person practices the process
    5. Provide immediate and specific feedback
    6. Express confidence in the person's ability to be successful
    7. Agree on follow-up actions