Book - The Truth About Employee Engagement




Author: Patrick LencioniPatrick Lencioni

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[[Book - The Truth About Employee Engagement]]

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  • Anonumity (การไม่มีตัวตน)
    • Knowing other people as a person
    • We do not need to be different person at work
  • Irrelevance (การไม่ส่งผลกระทบ)
    • We often make a direct impact to your direct report or internal teams
    • Setting the goals/objective that helps you see the impact to other people's life.
    • What changes you have made that impact other's life.
  • Immeasurement (การไม่ได้ประเมินผล)
    • Monitoring your result will help you understand how you impact others.
    • It can be a simple metrics based on behaviors for example, number of smile you receive from your stakeholders