Personalized Homepage


Process for creating and choosing rows

  • Finding candidates - Decide which items should be on the homepage for this user.
  • Adding evidence - Come up with the evidence or explanation to support the presentation of the row (e.g., Because you watched X, Dark TV Thrillers).
  • Filtering - Filter each group to handle concerns like maturity rating or remove some previously watched videos.
  • Ranking - Rank the videos in each group according to a row-appropriate ranking algorithm. We can then apply a row selection algorithm to assemble the entire page. Additional filtering like deduplication to remove duplicate videos on the same page.
  • Formating - Format rows to the appropriate size for the device.

Page Algorithmic

  1. Rule-based - A set of rules defines a template that dictates for all members what types of rows can be in a particular position of the page.
    1. Continue Watching (if any)
    2. Top Picks (if any)
    3. Because you watch X (if any)
  2. Row-independent - Rank each row independently
    1. User A - See Action movies first
    2. User B - See Comedy movies first
  3. Stage-wise - Use information about already picked rows to pick the next rows
    1. User A - Click on the action movies shelf. When the user scrolls down, the following rows may show more action-related movies.
  4. Page-wise - Optimize the whole page
    1. The whole page is designed specifically for User A
    2. Specific and ordered shelve for User A.
    3. Each shelf contains specific and ordered items for User A
    4. Each item may contain a specific image for User A.
    5. Each item may show information specifically for User A
      1. User A sees genres
      2. User B sees actors.
  5. Multi-armed bandit - Optimize the result based on the user’s interaction and function score.

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