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NFT Music

  • Spotify: $0.0035 pps
  • Apply Music: $0.01 pps
  • Deepzer: $0.01 pps
  • Audius: $0.35 pps (??)


Not all listeners are the same. Spotify Premium listeners pay more per stream than Free tier listeners. And the pay-per-stream also changes based on what country a listener is from; according to music distributor iGroove, listeners from the US pay $0.0035 per stream, for example, while Italian listeners will pay $0.0019.

  • [How much do I get per stream on Apple Music?]

Even though Apple Music clearly pays more per stream than the majority of their competitors, they are still pretty far away from those $0.01.

On average across all countries, Apple Music pays $0.00599265 per stream.