Machine Learning Operations


  • What is Machine Learning OperationsWhat is Machine Learning Operations
    What is Machine Learning Operations

    A set of culture and practice that aims at unifying ML system development and operations, automate and monitoring all steps including integration, testing, rele...
  • Why MLOpsWhy MLOps
    Why MLOps

    Drivers for MLOps
    Data Scientist spend too much time on deployment >50% of their time
    Deployment Gap

    Evolution of MLOps

  • End-to-end Machine Learning LifecycleEnd-to-end Machine Learning Lifecycle
    End-to-end lifecycle

    [[MLOps - Data Engineering]]
    [[MLOps - Model Engineering]]
    [[MLOps - Model Deployment]]

MLOps Principles



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Continuous X

  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Continuous Training (CT)
  • Continuous Monitoring (CM)


Model Management Framework

  • Data versioning
  • Model versioning

Experiment tracking

  • DVC, wandb, mlflow


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ML-based software delivery metrics

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