Intervention to reduce churn


1. Product Improvement

  • Changing product features or content
  • Increase stickiness
  • Increase cost for a customer to switch to an alternative (providing valuable features that are hard to reproduce or difficult to transfer from one system to another)

2. Engagement Campaigns

  • Marketers reduce chuen with mass communication.

3. One-on-one customer interactions

  • Try to detect customers who need help and reach out to them before they ask for it
  • Proactively help customers when the customers ask for help.

4. Rightsizing pricing

  • (Not Recommend) reduce the price or change subscription terms
  • Right-size sales in the first place: Selling the product version that is optimal for the customer rather than selling the most expensive version possible.

5. Targeting acquisitions

  • Different channels where you acquire customers may produce customers with different retention and churn quality.

Note: There is no one-size-fits-all intervention.

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