Book - HeroZ Empower Yourself, Your Coworkers, Your Company




Author: William ByhamWilliam Byham

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[[Book - Zapp - The lightning of empowerment]]
[[Book - HeroZ Empower Yourself, Your Coworkers, Your Company]]

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My review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)

It's a story about the castle (organization), that fight the dragon (problems) for their citizen (users).

The story begin with Art Halegiver (main character) who are arrow-maker which bored with their works, until someday he have help the Zapp Wizard from the dragon, and later have applying the Zapp Magic Spell to his working life, as a result improvethe engagement in his works, increase productivity, and as a result be able to save the castle and enjoy his working life.


  • Find what's important for company, for team, for you
  • Established the baseline
    • What's get measured, get managed
    • Measure what's matter
  • Set the goal (asking client, users, customers, etc)
  • Cut the process not the arrows
  • Little by little
  • Improve as a team

Zapp Magic Spell

  • Three Keys Magic Spell
    • Enhance self-esteem
    • Listen with empathy
    • Ask for help and encourage involvement
    • (Extra for manager) Offer help without taking responsibility
  • ACTION Spell
    • Assess Situation
    • Determine Cause
    • Develop Ideas
    • Implement
    • Make it ONGOING
  • InterACTION Spell
    • Open meeting with Goal and why it so important
    • Clarify details
    • Develop Ideas
    • Agree on Actions
    • Close with review of decisions and set appropriate follow-ups
  • Coaching Spell
    • Ask Question
    • Listen and Understanding
    • Share Knowledge and Experience
  • Guide-Through-Feedback Spell
    • Positive feedback
    • Tell exactly what was done right
    • Explain what made this action right
    • Improvement feedback
    • Tell what you could have been done better
    • Explain why
    • Provide Suggestion to improve